The anomalous presence of existence

I’ve had a passing interest in physics and quantum physics. I read Michio Kakus book about string theory and had intense in depth conversations about the plausibility of the phenomenon in the movie Interstellar.

This interest hasn’t truly educated me in the subject, but I have acquired a sort of passive understanding of the science. It’s hard to delve too deep into it without ending up in some philosophical analysis of the universe and every time I get to that point I wind up getting stuck in pointless theory and wild conjecture.

I think subconsciously I avoid researching the subject matter because if I do I might lose a bit of my child like wonder that is so absent from adult life. I stick to what little I know then let my imagination take me to places that are both wonderful and most likely entirely incorrect. Nonetheless I go as far as my mind will take me without getting to fantastical and attempt to base my thinking inside my understanding that exists within the confines of the real world (which can still be rather fantastic and seemingly infinite as well).

However there’s one theory that has stuck with me these past few months. It’s the idea that things existing within space is anomalous. The only evidence for this is the theory of gravity and the big bang. First off the big bang states that the matter that makes up our (current) universe… was condensed down into an infinitely small singularity. Being infinitely small is essentially the same as non-existence. But we won’t get bogged down in that subject and instead continue on with the topic at hand assuming that to be constant. From that singularity all matter expanded outward through a seemingly infinite amount of space. So there was nothing before the beginning of our universe. But now there is something.

Gravity is the consequence of space attempting to remove existence from itself. Existence is chaos and pure space is order. Space inherently moves toward order. Black holes for instance are space attempting to return to order. Reducing matter back into a singularity and possibly back into nothingness. Or at least the closest thing to it. Black holes contain so much mass in such a small amount of space that gravity compresses matter to an insane degree. This is space moving from chaos back to

I think the best way to describe this is space is attempting to absorb three dimensional matter back into itself. Like eating a hamburger. The burger exists outside of your body. But then you consume it. Gravity is like chewing and digesting the burger. Eventually your body absorbs the proteins and carbohydrates etc. through your intestine just like a black hole is space absorbing all matter around it with gravity. But we don’t really know what happens within a black hole so for the sake of childlike imagination I’ll just say it just gets pooped out into another dimension that is within space. Fantastic.  

So that’s my theory on existence. I’m glad you made it this far. Hope I made you think a bit.


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